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Face to Face with Strabismus is available on Amazon



I’m very happy to announce that Face to Face with Strabismus is now available on Amazon


Face to Face with Strabismus is an international creative collaboration with a public engagement mission,

created by  Lucia Wilson, writer, and Francesca Cesari, photographer.




Face to Face with Strabismus is an exploration of this poorly understood eye condition.


Strabismus (which means to have misaligned eyes) is often dismissed – even within the medical community

– as a cosmetic problem which has resulted in inadequate support and unnecessary suffering for patients.

Some patients have been incorrectly informed that the condition is incurable.


Through the patient interviews and photographic portraits, Lucia and Francesca have offered insight

into the lived experience of strabismus sufferers. Consultant Ophthalmologists, Dr Giovanni Battista Marcon (in Italy)

and Mr Saurabh Jain (in the UK), experts in the treatment of strabismus, have shared their knowledge and observations

whilst also shining a light on the reasons why strabismus patients are not getting the support and care that they should.


The book also discusses the additional topic of self-esteem and self-image, how some patients can suffer with

poor self-image and ridicule in social situations because of their misaligned eyes. Psychologist and Lecturer, 

Dr Silvia Riva, has provided illuminating commentary through her study of the patient interviews and in her discussions

with Francesca and Lucia on the impact of living with strabismus and the wider theme of what we see in the mirror

when we are face to face with our own reflection.


Face to Face with Strabismus is now available on Amazon






Upcoming exhibition!



Fotoforum Dresden

12 May – 11June

Opening 7 May 19:00


The show is part of the satellites exhibitions of Portraits – Hellerau Photography Award 2022, Dresden, Germany




Jury member for *Portraits*

I’m very honoured to announce that I will be part of the jury of PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award 2022,
together with some excellent experts and professionals of the photographic world.
The Award is a prestigious International photo competition focused on portrait, the 2022 edition deals with the theme Counterparts

SIfest set-up



Installation views of the work In the Room, part of the collective exhibition “Sguardi al femminile” curated by Alessia Locatelli at SIfest – 2021


Photos by Margherita Cenni


FUTURA – SIfest 2021



A selection of the project In the room will be on show in the collective exhibition “Percorsi al  femminile – uno sguardo sul domani”

curated by Alessia Locatelli, artistic director of Biennale della fotografia femminile. 


Saturday 11 September at 15:30 there will be a talk together with the curator and the authors of the collective, F

ederica Belli, Francesca Cesari, Aida Silvestri, Francesca Todde and Sofia Uslenghi.




16th JMCA



Happy that the work Liminal Metamorphosis on adolescence got the 2nd place in Children Category in the 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards



Intervista a NEUradio



Oggi a NEU Radio per Breaking Bread – una finestra sul modo dell’arte in diretta dal

MAMbo abbiamo parlato insieme a Claudio Musso, Moreno Mari e Carlotta ‘La Totta’ Chiodi
del progetto sui pre-adolescenti e della mostra LIMINAL – Ritratti sulla soglia in corso al MAMbo.
Questo il link al podcast, più o meno dal 34° minuto: