Edge of Humanity Magazine


A selection of photographs from the series In the room is featured in Edge of Humanity Magazine


Edge of Humanity is an online magazine edited by Joelcy Kay, “committed to publishing the human condition,

the raw diverse global entanglement with total impartiality. The daily life of people, from their moments

of pleasure, to the pain they suffer, to the atrocities they caused and everything in between,

regardless of political, religious or social content.”

“Although corruption, greed and power have existed since the beginning of mankind,

these and other destructive forces have systematically increased to out of control proportions

in today’s financial, political and technologically interconnected world. Likewise, there is a tremendous

urgency for people of all cultures to work together though open dialogue to continue to counterbalance

inequality and make the world a better place for present and future generations.”





Edge of Humanity_In the room

GIOIA! 14/2017


A selection of pictures from the project Siblings is featured on GIOIA! 14/2017 for a piece about sisterhood









Juno magazine


A selection of pictures from the project In the room is featured on JUNO – december issue 2016


JUNO is a natural parenting magazine that inspires and supports families through its range of features, columns and artwork. Established in 2003, it is published six times a year, in February, April, June, August, October and December. The editorial is broad, covering all aspects of family life for all ages. JUNO is loved by many readers for its articles that share personal experiences and reflections, and for the beautiful and striking images and illustrations from a range of artists.









FT Weekend Magazine October 29/30 2016


A couple of shots commissioned by Financial Times Weekend for a feature on the history of the Menu @ Osteria Francescana – Massimo Bottura’s restaurant in Modena






diventa morandi


XXII Giornata del Contemporaneo, sabato 15 ottobre 2016.


DIVENTA MORANDI, un percorso in cui i visitatori saranno guidati attraverso linguaggi diversi nella lettura

ed interpretazione di alcuni temi morandiani.

Insieme a Rita Correddu -con la collaborazione di Michele Braga-, Maria Rapagnetta, Emilia Sintoni, Giuseppina Siotto

e Laura Ulisse abbiamo preparato una giornata di danza, fotografia, installazione sonora, performance ed osservazione esperienziale.