Light Leaked – Shift


Very happy to be part of the exhibition SHIFT on Light Leaked, bi-monthly on line magazine curated by Ashley Kauschinger,

with a couple of images from the project Liminal – entering the enigma

The exhibition was jured and edited by  Melissa Kreider, founding editor of Don’t Smile.



Eltern Family 3/2018


A beautiful feature of my project ‘Liminal’ about pre-adolescence is out today in ELTERN Family,

a German monthly magazine dedicated to families and children.





Motherhood Unveiled – group exhibition @ Stitches and Pics Gallery


Upcoming collective exhibition at Stitches and Pics Gallery in Sackets Harbor NY, opening February 3rd 2018.

‘Motherhood Unveiled’ is a juried exhibition in conjunction with Don’t Smile Magazine curated by Stephanie Shively

and features images that represent “mom” in an all encompassing manner – the good, the bad, the funny, the gross, the heartbreaking,

and the triumphant sides of motherhood.









Working on the fascinating universe of pre-adolescence and meeting amazing boys and girls





Gioia! 39/2017


A selection of pictures from the project In the room is featured on GIOIA! 39/2017 for a piece about contemporary maternity